02 de diciembre 2019

Gifts for kids

Many people think that the easiest gift for a kid is a toy, but is it the best choice? Not at all.

Every year mothers across the United States get overwhelmed by the number of toys that they need to organize and at the end up donating to charity, which sends a clear message: kids don’t need as many toys as they think they need. Just imagine all the money that you’ve spent on the toys you are donating and ask yourself: Was it worth it? In most cases, toys are often played with twice and left to a side. It’s a pretty harsh reality for our pockets. Take a different approach of gifting kids from now on.

Dare to change your approach gifting kids:

  • Tickets to a special event
  • A piggy bank
  • Music
  • Musical instruments
  • Audiobooks
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Classes (ballet, soccer, arts & craft, gymnastics)
  • Memberships
  • Dress up clothes
  • Art and craft supplies
  • Repurposed play food & kitchen items that they’ve always liked
  • Their own travel supplies
  • Homemade treat coupons to use throughout the year and valid for things like: Ice Cream, Zoo Day, Trampoline Park, Movie Pass, stay up late night, etc.
  • A watch
  • A sleeping bag
  • A calendar
  • A bean bag chair
  • Monthly subscription boxes (from painting to building and making science experiments)
  • A fun or fancy bath towel
  • A special article of clothing they want or might need
  • Restaurant gift cards for a Night Out for Two (mother and daughter for example)
  • A digital camera
  • Fun socks

Have you seen the pattern on these choices? It’s more about the experiences or educational purpose and most of them to be shared with the family. No matter what you’re gifting there’s one thing to always have in mind: the gift has to be age-appropriate. Wondering what is best for each age? Here some tips from kid development experts to consider.

  • The best baby gifts stimulate their senses and should withstand a good layer of drool
  • For 1-year old open-ended toys are best, those who let the toddler do what they want, like: pushing and pulling, putting things together and taking them apart, moving things in and out of boxes
  • For 2-year old things that allow them to pretend, to be in the adult-world in their play, like; kitchen items, cars, trucks, baby dolls, brooms
  • 3-year old are into more imaginative play things that allow them to explore and discover and carry out their ideas
  • The best gifts and toys for 4-year-olds help their imaginations come alive, it’s about exploring and discover. Capes and dress-up props, outdoor toys or science gadgets like magnifying glasses can help
  • Since a 5-year old is more focused and becoming truly social and loves group play and games, game boards are a great option
  • 6-year old are beginning to unleash an exciting superpower: reading and, they are curious about how things work. They will appreciate building their skills with a mix of picture books, funny graphic novels, easy readers and longer chapter books that parents can read at night
  • Crafts, sports equipment and building materials are among the top toys for 7-year old also becoming more confident readers, ready to explore the world through graphic novels, nonfiction books and more sophisticated chapter books
  • 8-year old will engage in elaborate fantasy play and bury their noses in good books, they are developing their physical skills and social identities and it will be easier as you they identify more as “athletic” or "artistic"

At the end if you don’t know how many gifts to give your kid, consider giving him/her 3 small gifts:

  • One gift to read
  • One gift to wear
  • One gift to delight

Kids will be happy with whichever gifts they receive, so, try a different approach this year to see how it goes. Give them more experiences, fewer toys. They will wait for the holidays to have fun together as a family, doing fun activities that comes with the season, rather waiting for toys. Rise to the challenge and empower your life with the good things. If you like saving on your favorite wellness products, register on our reward program today. Happy holidays!

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