15 de mayo 2019

5 Useful Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is definitely a milestone to celebrate, whether it’s a high schooler, school or college graduate. We all look forward to commemorating the occasion with a gift, it means we care, we are proud, and we support you in endeavors like this.

The easy gift: cash in a card, which mostly happens when we are in a hurry or we didn’t take much time to think of the graduate’s personality or his/her future needs. Besides, that cash is often spent on something completely forgettable, like gas. A great graduation gift doesn't have to be expensive! Yes, it can be a difficult task to find the “perfect gift”, a more personalized and meaningful gift the graduate will truly appreciate. Perhaps a better approach is to go for a truly practical gift.

Here are five great and useful gift ideas for grads that are inexpensive yet thoughtful.
A flash drive.Perfect for any kind of graduate in this era. You can make it more special if you create a folder inside and fill it with pictures of memorable moments, like the graduation, family events or vacations. If the graduate is leaving for college or elsewhere far away, he will have them available to print and add to his/her new place and feel closer to home.

A Wellness Kit and fine quality toiletries. College students tend to buy the cheapest toiletries because they are on a budget and every penny counts. Plus, they would never think they will feel unwell, so their cabinets lack a basic variety of OTC meds. An unconventional but super practical gift would be to assemble a Wellness Kit, a box filled with some high-quality items that can make a big difference in their day, like:

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A Yummy Food Box. It can have a cookbook with a ton of basic recipes and descriptions of culinary techniques, a set of cooking knives and cutlery, a set of microwave safe plates and cups in the grad's favorite color. Good quality snack foods like protein & granola bars, nuts, peanut & almond butter, jams and some fast cooking foods that can easily be prepared in a dorm setting, like just-add-water soup cups, hot chocolate mixes and tuna or macaroni & cheese.

High Quality Stationery. It doesn’t have to be a fancy Montblanc pen, which can be amazing of course. You can buy the graduate a couple sets of great pens in different colors, highlighters, and yes, a couple of premium high-quality paper notebooks. Few things are more frustrating than ripping a page in a notebook due to cheap paper or having a pen not work or leak ink. The graduate won’t probably buy them on their own, so, is a very fine practical gift that will make him/her feel truly appreciated and important. Besides they are not that expensive.

A finance book. Even if the grad is not facing the real world for the first time, a personal finance book is a great valuable option, because we all need a tip or two about how to manage our budget wisely. Maybe is no something they'll likely grab and start devouring immediately after graduation, but it will be on hand when they need it, and they likely will need it at some point.

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