September 02, 2019

How to be a good example for your kids

Children are influenced by the world around them, but your actions and attitudes have the strongest influence on them when it comes to developing habits and character.

We know that parenting is the most important and the most challenging job you will ever have. If you really want to do right by your children and raise thoughtful, honest and loving adults, show them by example. There are a few ways to set a good example for your kids.

Live a healthy life.
When we eat properly and exercise regularly, not only does it improve our own lives, but it sets an example for our children as well. Try to exercise as a family, you can go play tag in a park, ride bikes, hike or swim. It not only strengthens the family bond, but it reduces stress and improves your health while having fun.

Try not to get emotional.

Show your children how to control their own emotions by reacting calmly to tense situations. Emotions can get in the way of good decision-making, so if you find yourself wanting to react in anger, walk away until you can get your emotions under control.

Express your gratitude

Be grateful for all you have. Make it a regular habit to be part of your community with your family and volunteer your time and talents. This is one of the best ways to build family unity, teamwork skills, and most of all, generous and serving hearts. Teach your kids to help others in need.

Admit your mistakes.

No one is perfect. When you act in a way that’s contrary to how you’d like your kids to act, admit your mistake. If you interrupt them while they’re speaking, apologize and let them continue. Remember that your children are people too and they live by example.

Be respectful, honest and polite.

Set a good example for your children by showing them how to respect and be kind to others. When they see your considerate polite behavior, they will likely behave in the same way and that includes and is not limited to self-respect. Always be polite to others, no matter the circumstances, and whether in public or at home. It can be as simple as “good morning” when entering an elevator or a “thank you” to someone holding on a door for you. Teach them to accept others regardless of any differences. This is more important than ever for success in our global workplace and economy. If you made a mistake apologize or if you found a wallet at the diner take it to the manager. When your child sees you being honest, they’ll be more likely to model your behavior and do the same. Keep your word. To raise a trustworthy child, be a trustworthy adult. When you make a promise, follow through.

Always explain your decisions.

If you give a child a timeout, always explain why. Talk about their actions and consequences. Talking things through lets your child know that you respect him or her enough to be honest with them.

Practice self-control

Try hard not to pass your stress and anxiety to your family. Find healthy outlets to liberate it like art classes, yoga, meditation, exercising. Explain to your kids they too can do the same when they start feeling stressed.

Always be ready to go

There’s nothing better than to be prepared for an unexpected situation, the way we handle it can make a whole lot of difference not only for you but for your kids. Always be assertive, take your time to think of the best solution for that moment. For example, its family night, and you’re going for pizza and a bowling game, but you have a minor back ache or an upset stomach. You can either, cancel family night which can be a bummer for everyone, or apply some IcyHot Lidocaine Cream to numb away the pain. In case of heartburn take a Zantac tablet that can provide a quick relief in 30-60 minutes. There are many quick remedies that can help you thrive without stopping the fun. Here are some other “life savers” that can also save you a buck or two. 

Value family time

When you care it shows, and the only way your kids will feel you really care for them is actively attending and participating in their educational and extracurricular activities. Having your approval and support will make them stronger. Try to have fun as a family often, it will strengthen your bond and communication skills.

Set goals

When our kids’ see us moving along exactly according to plan, it shows them the importance of organization and self-discipline in their daily life. Encourage them to set up their own set of goals and cheer them when they met them, celebrate every advance.

Be consistent and succeed

Children thrive on consistency and stability, and when they see permanent, healthy parental consistency, they learn to emulate them. Following a daily schedule, implementing or perfecting a routine can take time or might look ambitious, don’t hesitate and do it. Many people can, so do you. Rise to the challenge!


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