August 02, 2019

Tips for an easy morning

Fun knows no bed time or alarms! Summertime is great for kids and parents but mornings after a long summer can be a challenge hard to tackle without some planning or routine.

Getting kids to shower or put on clothes on time, having enough time to sit and eat breakfast without rushing, lunch packing, UGH, it can be a lot to do! The good thing is that we have gathered a couple of tips to help you face mornings with a smiley face and a positive attitude. So, in order to put up a flawless morning, you have to pre organize stuff the night before. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s actually not and once you get the hang of it… you’ll be sure to keep it up.

The night before

Take half an hour before going to bed to get done as much as you can before morning.

  • Be sure to have a full tank of gas in your car so you don’t waste time in the morning stopping for it
  • Decide the clothes your using next day and leave them out to put them on quickly as you wake up
  • Pre pack snacks and lunch boxes, make breakfast, there are so many ideas on Pinterest of simple recipes you can do the night before and just need to heat them a bit
  • Leave coffee ready to brew and bags right beside the door for an easy grab
  • If you go to the gym, leave the bag ready to go. Keep a bottle of Gold Bond Medicated Powder in your Gym bag to use after shower. It deodorizes, absorbs moisture, soothes skin and relieves itch
  • Create a playlist that will get you in a good mood
  • Get to bed early so you can rest at least eight hours

Wake up greatful

Start the day on a positive note and give thanks for all the things you get to do, rather than the burden that you have to do them. For example, a chore in your to do list reads “do laundry” but rethink the meaning of it as a “a safe place to live” or it reads as “dishes to wash” but that’s because you “had food to eat”. Get up much earlier than your family so you can have some YOU time to meditate or exercise and be ready to give your best to your loved ones.

  • No technology before school, video games, tablets, TV, they only slow things down
  • Keep the bathroom organized to speed up your beauty/grooming regime
  • Time showers to make it less than 10 minutes

Set a Grooming Product Limit. A moisturizer like GOLD BOND® Ultimate Healing Lotion, packed with 7 intensive moisturizers and 3 essential vitamins will deliver 24 hour hydration.

Stick to the same morning routine everyday

Once your kids know the routine it will turn into a habit with its own rhythm flowing the way you want. The reminders to make their beds or brush their teeth are much less frequent, and you will keep your cool. Does your routine look like this?

  • Make beds
  • Use restroom
  • Get dressed
  • Do hair
  • Eat breakfast
  • Brush teeth and rinse with ACT Anticavity Fluoride a daily use can deliver the power of fluoride to all of the surfaces of your children’s teeth to help prevent cavities, strengthen tooth enamel and protect the roots of teeth
  • Clean room
  • Ready early? They can read, draw or just talk to you about what they expect out of their day
  • Grab lunch and backpack


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