June 11, 2019

Vacation on a budget = staycation ideas

The summer vacation approaches and traveling this year is out of the question? Relax and get pumped to have a blast on your first STAYCATION! this the term pop culture has given to a stay-at-home-vacation.

You can have fun in so many ways within your city and nearby areas. If you have never thought of making a list of possibilities, this might be a good time to explore them. The kids can help you plan the activities, or you can make it all a surprise. Did we say this type of vacation could be budget friendly? Here we share a few staycation ideas that might interest you, so you can start planning.


  • Visit a local park you’ve never been to. Check the website for your city or state to find local park listings. Bring a picnic or take out, plus blankets, summer reads, and a soccer ball or Frisbee
  • Visit local or regional museums, there’s always that quirky one you haven’t been to
  • Find a local farm and spend a day picking fruit, then make a dessert with that fruit for dinner time!
  • Enjoy a day in a water park or local pool or just play in the backyard with hoses, squirt guns, and water balloons
  • Make an indoor or outdoor movie marathon and load up on popcorn and snacks your family love
  • Find a deal for a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast and stay at least 2 nights
  • Splurge on an activity you wouldn’t normally do, since you’re not spending money on traveling, do something fun that wouldn’t normally be in your budget
  • Pull out the board games, find a deck of cards, or stretch those thumbs for some video gaming. You can make a bracket and duke it out for ultimate champion. Or you can see how many games your family can get through in one day. Don’t forget to stock up on snacks.
  • Camp out even if it’s on your backyard or living room! It’s something fun and different you don’t get to do everyday
  • Get away from light pollution and go stargazing, just a blanket and some night snacks will do
  • Make a “build your own” breakfast, lunch or dinner! It can be cereals, pizza, burritos, baked potato bar, ice cream sundae, whichever build your own food theme your family agrees to. It’s fun educational and inexpensive
  • Explore geocaching, it’s fun for everyone! If you didn’t know, this is a popular treasure-hunting game that you can play using your GPS or mobile device. Look online how to play it and which apps to use
  • Make a time capsule filling up a box with pictures, letters, stuff/souvenirs from the staycation that you would love to open in 10, 15 or 20 years. You don’t have to bury the box, just put it in an out-of-the way spot in a closet or the attic. Write the current date on the lid, as well as the date you’ve set for opening the capsule.
  • Set up yard games and invite friends or neighbors
  • Hang a hammock in the backyard and have a reading marathon!
  • Take a touristy boat tour of your city and get a new perspective of the place you live in

Staycation to do list

  • Set a start date and an end date for your staycation
  • On a calendar plan your day by day activities ahead of time, 2 months in advance preferably and write them down, this will give you an clear overview of your plans and you can easily see if you want to change or add some activities
  • Set a staycation budget but don't let this prevent you from having a good time
  • Create and set the date of your Out of the Office automatic email reply
  • Find a guide book for your area or region at a local book store and see what activities interest you
  • Research on newspapers and online to find festivals, fairs and free events on your state’s or hometown so you can plan to go to the ones that interest you
  • Adopt a tourist frame of mind for the period of your staycation, act like a stranger in your own hometown. What sights, scenes and activities would you recommend for any visiting family or friends? Try those out with the eyes and attitude of a tourist
  • Take lots of pictures of you and your family having a wonderful time!
  • Do not let a sour stomach, heartburn or gas to deprive you of going out with your family. Have some Rolaids on hand and stay on the go wherever you go. Zantac can help prevent heartburn when taken 30-60 minutes before eating or drinking or provide a quick relief in 30-60 minutes. . Find out here if there’s a discount coupon you can print to get them!


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